About ZBP

At Zoe Blueprint we get it done.

And we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. We dug into the volunteer landscape and centralized it into a one-stop platform that showcases our change the world achievements by tracking our most valuable asset: our time; while allowing those who plan the change the world events to focus on their most important priority: their mission.

And speaking of people, let's meet ours!

Erin Visionary & Founder
Valerie Business & Brand Strategist
Praveen Business Strategy & Development
Terry & Camina CSO Beta Tester & Early Adopter

Program Developers and QA

Anoop Development Execution Techy
Sonal Quality Assurance & Beta Tester
Vivek UI / UX Developer

High School and Collegiate Beta & Focus Group Testing


At Zoe Blueprint we want everyone to benefit from our platform.

And by everyone, we mean the Volunteer (that's you and me), the CSO (the 501c3), and the FPO (the For-Profit For-Good Organization).

In order to make that a reality Zoe Blueprint came up with a plan.
A really cool plan actually. For a subscription price of $495 per year (early adopters) - paid for by the FPO - the CSO, and Volunteer can use Zoe Blueprint at no cost. That's right, the CSO (and we mean all of them) and the Volunteer (all of them too!) can use our Zoe Blueprint platform and mobile app for free.