Zoe Blueprint offers up options to find the right charity in an easy to find and choose format.

Zoe Blueprint has an easy way to help track your giving and impact in a simple dashboard.

We love giving back, and we love championing those organizations that are doing a great job of it, read up on charities that are making a difference.

Zoe Blueprint has mascots! They’re here to help you understand just where you’re tracking and encourage you to stretch farther!

what we do

Zoe Blueprint is a one-stop experience to help anyone, anywhere volunteer smarter. Our goal is to make it easy to find causes you care about. And, we make your experiences work harder for you! Plus, we make it easy to connect with people who share your passion for giving back.

Check out Zoe Thumbprint, we help high school students track their community service hours. Learn more, and see how it works here: