Zoe is the Greek word for life. Blueprint is the English word for plan or model. Put them together and you have a life plan that showcases your do-good efforts. So, what is Zoe Blueprint? A life plan to Do Good, Have Fun and Embrace Life.

So, what does it do?

It tracks…hours. Zoe Blueprint digitally tracks hours volunteered for all three of our users 1. the Volunteer 2. the CSO (501c3) and 3. the FPO (the For Profit, For Good Organization). Why is that important? Because today, more than ever, people need people. And CSO's (Community Service Organizations) provide the bridge for those who want to help to those who need help. Plus, let’s face it, tracking is fun. We track miles, steps, calories, friends, likes, phones…you get the picture. At Zoe Blueprint, we track good.

Community Service Organizations (501c3’s).

For our CSO’s we created a platform that seamlessly integrates the creation of an event, the shifts associated with the event, the number of volunteers needed for the event, the number of attendee’s attending the event, notifications for and about the event, a chat specific to the event and a centralized location to post the event along with a link to share on social media. Whew!

Once the shift is completed by the volunteer, the CSO (that’s you) digitally confirms the hours completed and ta-da! Hours logged for the Volunteer and the CSO. Cool, right? Right.

But here is the important part – there is no charge to the CSO. Why? Because we like you. And the work you do. At Zoe Blueprint we want you, the CSO, to focus on your mission. Done and done.

For Profit For Good Organizations.

For Profit For Good – that’s what we’re talking about. The Zoe Blueprint platform tracks employee charitable service hours so employers can brag on their talent and their work for good initiatives - digitally, CSO vetted, and Zoe Blueprint approved. How? Every volunteer can link to their employer and let their charitable hours do the talking. Which gives employers visibility to what really drives their human capital. Doing good. Embracing Life. Having Fun.

And remember, Zoe Blueprint provides our platform to all CSO’s (501C-3 organizations) at no cost. And For Profit For Good organizations like yourself? Well, you make it possible. For profit? Sure. For good. Absolutely!

Zoe Thumbprint. Coming soon to a High School near you!

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Zoe Blueprint Is A One-stop Experience To Help Anyone, Anywhere Volunteer Smarter. Our Goal Is To Make It Easy To Find Causes You Care About. And, We Make Your Experiences Work Harder For You! Plus, We Make It Easy To Connect With People Who Share Your Passion For Giving Back.

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