In Greek, the word "zoe" means life. In English, the definition of "blueprint" is a plan. Planning life is exactly what Zoe Blueprint is for. Our platform is designed to bring charities together under one umbrella and help educators, students, parents, and anyone else who’s interested in lending a generous hand, plan and track their community service. With Zoe Blueprint, you have the power to find charities in your area and join in on the fun.












Zoe Blueprint Is A One-stop Experience To Help Anyone, Anywhere Volunteer Smarter. Our Goal Is To Make It Easy To Find Causes You Care About. And, We Make Your Experiences Work Harder For You! Plus, We Make It Easy To Connect With People Who Share Your Passion For Giving Back.

Our Corporate Offer.

For Profit For Good – that’s what we’re talking about. The Zoe Blueprint platform tracks employee charitable service hours so employers can brag on their talent and their work for good initiatives: digitally, CSO vetted and Zoe Blueprint approved. How? Every volunteer can link to their employer and let their charitable hours do the talking. Which gives employers visibility to what really drives their human capital.

Doing good. Embracing Life. Having Fun. And remember, not only does Zoe Blueprint provide our platform to all CSO’s (501C-3 organizations) at no cost but For Profit For Good organizations like yourself make it possible. For profit? Sure. For good. Absolutely!

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