We Track Good

Zoe Blueprint digitally tracks hours volunteered by all our user types. Using Zoe's Social Impact Platform, or Z-SIP, tracking good is a snap. Our Z-SIP helps organizers and volunteers track the good they do. From event management to volunteer scheduling to ESG engagement, we've got everything you need to track your good.

The CSOYou have a 501(c)3
The FPOYou have employees
The SAYou have students
The VOLUNTEERThat's everybody
The EMPLOYEEYou have co-workers
The STUDENTYou have classes

How it Works

Our 3-Step Process

For Organizations

  • Set up your CSO , FPO or SA account on Zoe Blueprint.
  • Publish the event and send the link to all volunteers and attendees via email and social media.
  • Send the link to your family, friends, employer and co-workers to grow the platform!

For Volunteers

  • Create your Volunteer, Employee or Student account.
  • Find a charity event and request to volunteer with an organization.
  • Send the link to your family, friends and co-workers to engage more volunteers!
Start Tracking

Have You Done Any Good Lately?

Volunteer Smarter And Easier

Get your one stop Zoe Social Impact Platform and track all your volunteer and ESG needs.

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That means when you’re on-the-go, volunteering at a Zoe Blueprint Event, we’ll digitally track your hours so you don’t have to. Pretty handy, right? Right.


Zoe Social Impact Platform Z-SIP

Why Go Digital When Tracking Your Good Deeds?

Zoe Blueprint offers a comprehensive Z-SIP to kickstart your charity event and keep the momentum going with your volunteers and attendees. Here’s why you should quit manual tracking and switch to a digital Z-SIP:

  • It SAVES time!
  • Everything is AUTOMATED.
  • SIMPLE and EASY to use.
  • Get CONNECTED with volunteers and sponsors.

Are You A 501(c)3 Organization?

Our Zoe Social Impact Platform Z-SIP is Free to use!

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Our FPO’s and the Zoe Community will shoulder the cost of the platform development so you can focus on your mission – changing the world.

We're Tracking Good Every Day, Join Us!

21 Organizations
29 Events
980 Volunteers
317 Attendees
1,422 Hours
42,571 Value

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